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Living In And Bringing To Pass The Prophetic Part Of Paul's Gospel That Stopped At His Death (2967)
We can't have faith in the Word, Godly faith, Holy Spirit inspired faith, unless it is the Word being fulfilled for this time period. We are part of that Word that was brought down in Revelation, Chapter 10, in the form of the little book. That is what we have eaten up and have become the same. And that's what they that were a part of the wife in the church ages ate of-they ate of it. And seeing the whole of Paul's message as the little book, the church age saints ate of the part that was ordained for them, leaving the prophetic part for we which are alive and remain. So we have received and eaten the whole book that the church age saints only ate of. Yes, they ate of the tree of life; they ate of this little book. But they couldn't take possession of it. But in Revelation, Chapter 10, for us, the living part of the wife, we were told to eat it up. Yes, we have eaten all of that little book and have become the Word made flesh.