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The Gospel According to The Wife of The Lamb

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard

This book entitled, The Gospel According to The Wife of The Lamb, shows that the wife of the Lamb, here in our day, is no longer looking through a glass darkly. Because Christ has come in the fullness of His Spirit and we were baptized into the fullness of His spiritual body and have the revelational mind of Christ, with the revelation that God gave unto Him to give to us, just as He showed John what to write.  (Revelation 1:1-3)   And now Christ has given His prophetic mind to us, the wife, which has brought into being the Word that is for the wife.  In other words, we are taking this last trump of God message and spreading it out around the world.  This is what the wife of the Lamb is doing—bringing it to those to whom this part of the Word is for. 

Everyone that was a part of this Word in the beginning is included in this trumpet of God message by the Spirit of Christ the wife, and is a member of the wife of the Lamb.  Again, this only applies to those that were ordained to be part of the wife before the world was.  So we are going forth with ‘the gospel according to the wife of the Lamb,’ and those that are part of it will be drawn to it.  Just like metal is drawn to a magnet, they are magnetized to this message.  To all others, when this is preached, it does not affect them. It will only affect those that it is for.  This message takes us to the foreknowledge of God as He saw it before the world was.  It is to those that He saw there.  They are being called unto the place that God saw them when He was there in the finishing of all things.  
The Gospel According to The Wife of The Lamb
My Testimony